One month and 7 days later. . .

Hi Hi Hi!! I've been a mega workaholic these days and have been neglecting my photo journal. I just wanted to send a Saturday night hello to let you know a couple of things. . .

1. I've been shooting, shooting, shooting and totally thrilled with the experiences I've had in the past month. To me, it feels more like a week than an entire month so September has gone by like POOOOOF for me.
2. I'll be honest. . .I never expected to be this busy in my first solo year.
3. I couldn't be happier with that decision ;).
4. I have encountered amazing, {some strange} ever evolving people who are teaching me everyday. . .for that I'm very thankful.
5. I've got some HUGE news for ya'll!!! and I just can't wait too much longer to update you.

Stay tuned for a new logo, wedding, engagement and travel photography. Also, stories of a new journey for the next chapter of Melissa Mullen Photography.

For now, I leave just one teaser from a recent wedding that I can't wait to finish.

Zac + Tracy . . . . love, love, love these two. Cried like a little sissy at their wedding. ;)

Thank you to all of the people I've have the pleasure of capturing this summer/fall. I'm amazed by every single one of you and bow down to your love for each other.

Hugs, kisses & wishes of coziness for you. . .

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