Time for a recap!

I left off right before my journey back east for Thanksgiving. Originally, my quest was to spend time with friends and family and right before I left I thought maybe it would be a good idea to check out Boston for the possibility of someday relocating there. My parents just moved from Pennsylvania to Maine and I thought it would be a great base AND I could drive up to see my parents. The thought of having a Sunday dinner with my Mom and Dad is just too good. I've been out in California since 2001 so we only get the opportunity to have dinner together every so often. The idea was pretty tempting. . .

I stayed with my friends Mr. & Mrs. Marianne and Neil in Andover right outside of Boston. I photographed their wedding in 2005 in Boston and they just relocated from San Diego to Boston last year. I was very excited too see their new digs. We had an amazing time touring the city, enjoying lots of great wine and catching up.

Marianne + Neil + Madison

Next stop, Bernardston, Massachusetts to see my sister from another mother, Shelley. I had the opportunity to photograph her on a friend's farm in Vermont. We FROZE! Yet, it was so great to have her in front of my lens.

During my visit, I was invited to take part in the annual Hallmark Institute of Photography Alumni Roundtable. It was an exciting opportunity to come back and speak to the students about our journey's since graduation. Myself and 6 other Hallmark graduates took part and we had a blast!

My parents even made it to the event and straight from Hallmark we took off to see their brand new home in Maine.

Their new road home:

The day before Thanksgiving we took a ride together around Jackman. I hadn't been there since summer of 2000 so it was nice to see the area and Moosehead lake when it's snowy.

Ma and Pa on their new porch!! :)

This is one of my favorite shots of me and my dad!! Taken by my talented mom.

Our first Thanksgiving together in Maine.

My new bedroom.

The Mullens.

It was my parents dream to find a home in this area of Maine where we vacationed almost every year when I was a kid. They found and were able to make this dream come true. It's amazing to see my parents in this chapter of their lives. This trip was very memorable for me and I cannot wait to get back there! Currently, they have about 8+ feet of snow!!

Then it was back to California to take care of some major changes and enjoy our first family Christmas in California. My parents flew out on Christmas Eve and with the help of Mason we surprised them with a Christmas tree.

2007 was an amazing year for personal growth and accomplishment. I'm so thankful for all of my experiences last year as I was able to start 2008 off by moving forward, starting my own business and relocating to downtown San Diego. Life is GOOD!!