Anna + Dino : Engaged!

Ahhhhh! I again get to say that I love these two. Having a photography journal to express the happenings in my world really reminds me on a daily basis how lucky I am to have an open door for great people to walk into my life. And walk in they did. . .Anna and Dino met on New Years Eve Eve at D Street Bar in Encinitas.

So, the story goes. . .Anna's friend had this friend, Dino who she wanted her to meet. Anna's friend begged her to come after she got off work and reluctantly Anna went to D Street in her work clothes and the rest is history. . .

We met at D Street and relived their meeting which was just too cute to see them sit at the same table and hold hands. Anna giggled the entire session which was awesome for me. I can still hear her giggles. . .between the giggles is just this beautiful silence and peace when they look at each other.

This story reminds me that you just never know when your person will walk through your door.

Thank you, Anna and Dino for sharing a Monday evening with me in Encinitas {one of my favorite places in San Diego}.

I'm really excited to photograph your July 2009 wedding!


Meredith + Andrew : Spruce Street

I recently had the pleasure of photographing two very special people. I met Meredith in the spring and it was an instant connection. She's a rare find in the world of ladies and I'm lucky to have crossed paths with her. Her husband of four years, Andrew is quite fantastic himself. The two of them were a blast to photograph and it was an honor to spend the evening with them.

Andrew and Meredith, thank you SOOOOOO much for spending Sunday evening with me and for treating me to that AMAZING dinner at Urban Solace! Hmmmmmm, girl. . .those biscuits!! Mmmmhmmm!