Home {March Schedule Announcement}

Before I left California, I sold pretty much everything I had for my house. I had a everything must go sale and what didn't sell went to good will. I had my bed, bike and tv shipped across to Maine which means before I move into my new place I have to get all the good stuff again . . .

The package fairy dropped off a little delivery for me today. I'm in the north woods of Maine which means the nearest shopping experience is 2+ hours south. You learn to online shop quick here especially if you're used to hopping in your car whenever you need something. I actually prefer it this way . . . and really dig Kohl's home stuff.

It was a Christmas like feeling or maybe even what it's like to have a registry for your wedding. ;) Hmmmm! Tomorrow, I have an even bigger delivery arriving. I ordered all new office furniture for my new little space in Portland, Maine. I found a perfect space in a great part of the city and an awesome home just a few blocks from my office.

I will be traveling to California, March 4 for my best friend's wedding in Santa Barbara: Jessica Lewis. I will be her photographer/maid of honor so it's going to be a really fun day!! She's going to have two other photographer's there so I get to photograph her and her hubby, Aaron alone.

Then it's a few weeks of family portraits, meeting new babies and seeing friends in California. On March 21, I'm photographing Shari and Mike's wedding in San Diego. Shari is a wedding planner in San Diego, Charmed Events.
Very excited for their big day!

I turn 29 the night of Shari and Mike's wedding which is hard to believe and I will be heading out of California to celebrate my 29th on the East Coast.

I will be heading back to Portland to set up shop in April and before I head out to CA my Dad and I are going to paint the new space and get the furniture set up. Reason #1 that I came home to the east coast - having my Mom and Dad be apart of my everyday life. So, when I get back to ME it'll be time to make home, home.

More details on Portland, the new office and I'll be releasing a new blog which is being designed as I type.

Lots of Love from the East!