Inkbox Design Boutique :: Vendor Spotlight

Wow! I just discovered . . . .

Lisa Tse, created Inkbox Designs after planning her own wedding. Her tag line is. . .

. . . inking outside the box.

I absolutely LOVE what she's creating. . .!! By all means, stop what you're doing if you're getting married, having a baby or just enjoy good design and check out her work by clicking on her logo above. Check out her portfolio for the killer work she's done for baby announcements, rehearsal dinners, weddings, baby showers, bat mitzvah, charity events. . .beautiful, creative, clean design and really fun! And my favorite. . . she offers letterpress!!

Ladies, she's also created Cake which is her product line offering gift items for your bridesmaids, your maid of honor and even your fur children. Fun, pink and swirly!! Brides, I suggest the pink hoodie for your wedding day!! So cute, comfy for getting ready and you just unzip once your hair is finished and then easily slip into your dress.

Here are examples of the Cake products ::

One of my favorite designs that caught my eye is the : Nature Nuptials

and a custom wedding favor to go along with the theme . . .

I think these wedding invitation designs leave your guests feeling that your love is so put together. From the save the dates, invitations and packaging it's just so well done. When guests have these in their hands, they'll feel something and make a connection with the day that most likely won't be forgotten.

Thank you to Lisa for putting her heart and soul into creating beautiful work!!