Storms along the US of A . . .

Mason and I encountered many storms along our journey across the USA in June. We were driving through Nebraska and Iowa as the storms hit which caused the major flooding in the mid-west. I'm sure you saw on the coverage on the news as we felt the wrath in our car. We were stuck in Des Moines for two days while the biggest storms went over and passed. We listened to emergency XM station for days and learned to appreciate our sunny Southern California bubble.

We were about 15 miles from a tornado that touched down in Nebraska. Experienced walls of rain, wind that still makes me cringe and lighting and thunder light shows. Luckily, Leo and Roscoe [our dogs/kids] just spooned away in their dog bed, snoring and totally unaware or unaffected by what we were going through in the front seat. Props to Mason for his incredible driving during these storms.

We hit the biggest storm in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The next day on the front page of the local papers the headline was, 'Freak Storm Hits New Mexico' We had the pleasure of witnessing it strapped to our seats. Nothing like a little white knuckle driving every now and again.

Here are some photographs that need no explanation other than Mother Nature = WOW.