A Pug Portrait

Leo, my fur child and I have been on many adventures over the past two years. He's now enjoying himself living in New England and my family and I spoiled him quite a bit over the holidays. He needs a long walk to work off those extra calories.

He's the sweetest and on Christmas Day he spent a little time posing for me.

His favorite seated position :

He absolutely knows I'm writing about him because he's scratching at my leg. Time to go for that walk. . .<3

Elizabeth Anne Designs :: {Resource for my ladies}

This post is long, long, well, well overdue. Last year, I discovered an amazing blog that draws a generous amount of my attention.

Rebekah Anne and Ami Elizabeth created the savviest, hands down most interesting blog about weddings that I've found yet. Please visit :
Inspirations & Creations - Elizabeth Anne Designs : A Wedding Blog

There are so many fun ideas, beautiful photographs and most importantly, these ladies are constantly posting which is a breath of fresh air!!

There are many ways to navigate through their blog. For instance, by the many categories listed or even by comments made from their readers. Keep up with the latest of the latest in the wedding industry and if you're a fellow twitter fan like me you can choose to follow Rebekah & Ami to be updated, up to the minute when new posts are added. Wahooo, technology!! I imagine brides at work just oozing over these posts while getting paid to plan their own spectacular event.

Another section to mention is The EAD Library. Here you can locate all of the hottest wedding professionals in the USA and beyond. Pretty fantastico if you ask me.

Enjoy Ladies!!

<3 <3

Mom and Dad : 29 years today

Today, is my parents 29th Wedding Anniversary. 29 years! And that's just how many years they've been married. Mom and Dad met in 1967 when they were 15. They both worked at the soda fountain in Hoffman's in Laurence Harbor, NJ where they grew up. . .the rest is history. . . .

Mom and Dad, I wish you a million more years together!