Deanna + Corey : Palm Desert, CA / USA Roadtrip!

I got together with Corey and Deanna out in Palm Desert at the Desert Springs Resort on Sunday, June 1st. These two are getting married in San Diego in August and I was able to visit their hometown. It was great to get out of town and photograph a couple in their home town and of course new locations are always appreciated!

Thank you Corey and Deanna for spending your time with Mason and I on Sunday. You both did an awesome job bringing your love and letting me capture you two during this amazing time in your life. I can't wait for your big day!

This session was a great way to kick off our June 2008 ultimate road trip across the USA - California to Maine! We left right after this session with Deanna and Corey and made it to Phoenix for a night. Currently, we're resting in Steamboat Springs, CO after camping in Sedona, AZ, Grand Canyon, exploring Monument Valley & Moab, Utah . . . what I've seen in 24 hours is amazing. This country, the terrain, the weather, the people, the way of life is a combination of elements that I could sink my teeth into for MONTHS yet we keep going. . .

On Saturday, it's time for us to cruise [as fast as possible] across the mid-west, avoiding all tornadoes and arriving in Niagara Falls for a night. I'll be uploading photographs again soon! WiFi is hit or miss yet I'll be arriving in Maine next week and can catch up with updates once we get cozy there.

Now, it's time to go back to listening to the roaring Yampa River right outside our room and the snoring of Mr. Leo. Goodnight. : )