That Big Sur Feeling

We are back from our lovely getaway to Big Sur. We dropped the pooches off with their grandma in Orange County and headed North to Ventura. First stop, Natural Cafe right off the 101 in Ventura. That place is BOMB. WHY don't we have one here in San Diego, why?

Picked up delicious lunches to go and off we went. One of our first stops in Big Sur was to check out Salmon Creek Falls. Short hike in from the 1 to get a closer view of the waterfall. And to kick off this trip, Mason had a snake fall onto his head and then attack him. The attack is on video. He had gone off to get closer to the falls and came back with this story. Too too too funny and luckily not a poisonous snake.

We spent two nights in Limekiln State Park. Our camp spot #30 was ridiculously perfect. When we arrived, the ranger asked the name the reservation was under and Mason said, "Magruder." She made this long groan sound and slowly turned to get her paperwork and we thought uh - o! But it was fine I think she was just groaning because she mentioned that they gave us a great spot. We were right above a rushing stream, tucked away by a forest of redwoods and only a short distance away from a beautiful waterfall and a secluded beach.

SO, if you ever have a chance to experience Big Sur we suggest - spot #30 it rocks! Here is one shot from spot #30. . .

This trip was just what I needed to reJUVE and I find it so important to take these quick trips to balance life. Of course, being gone for several days means there is A TON to catch up on so I will be posting more photography/video from our trip soon. Mason and I are both nursing wicked colds yet we have that Big Sur feeling to get us through.