Hello from the upper right corner of the map!!

We arrived in Dennistown Plantation, Maine on Friday, June 13. Our journey across 14 states has been amazing!! Colorado takes the cake for me. It's the most beautiful state - the light, the mountains, the overall vibe. Early last week, we headed North from Colorado to Wyoming to catch interstate 80 which took us through Nebraska where we outran a tornado by about 15 miles, got stranded in Des Moines, Iowa right at the brink of all the flooding and disaster going on there. We experienced storms beyond anything I could have imagined. I've never seen it rain so hard. It was coming down in waves with the wind. We made it through Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York to Massachusetts in these storms. We stopped in Mass for a few days and then headed to Maine on Friday.

It's so amazing to be back up here in the summer! It's hard to believe that a month ago they still had majority of the 16 feet of snow they had this winter. My mom's garden is in full bloom and everything is so green, lush and beautiful!

Saturday, my parents took Mason and I on a tour of the area to see close by waterfalls, towns out in the middle of nowhere and down to their friends camp, Cozy Cove Cabins. We sat along the Wood Pond [Lake] in front of their place where I spent many summers growing up. This is Mason and my Mom . . .

Of course there are many photographs from this trip. I have to admit I've been enjoying myself so much that sitting down at the computer has been tough because there is so much to do and relaxing to be had.

I hope all is well for everyone!!


Jessica Lewis Photography said...

I have been thinking about you and hoping that you had made it ok threw all of the storms, my god you chose the perfect time to do this trip if you were looking for a little excitement! Keep having fun, cant wait to see some of the pics!

Unknown said...

Such an amazing picture!!! So glad you are having such a great time on the well-deserved vacation! Can't wait to see you soon!