Burnett Family

I have had the pleasure of photographing the Burnett family for 4 years now. Seeing them once a year always puts growth into prospective for me. Kind of shocking to see these little men grow up. This year the latest and greatest addition is baby Memphis. Jeena and Chester received their wish of a baby girl.

Sometimes sessions begin with this emotion:

I mean it's not easy being 2.5 and having to perform something fabulous in front of a camera yet once we had a little warm up time and I had a chance to make a fool of myself we broke the ice and got this. *I just wanted the sucker*

Mr. Gage.

Miss Tessa brought the sassy shyness and then let it rip & got really really excited when she found some rocks. My kind of kid. :)

Keyan is such a little ham. He used to dislike the camera but now he's looking for where the lens is and he puts it on pretty good when it's on him.

Momma Jeena & her wish. . . .

After about an hour session, Miss Memphis joined us for a bit. . .

Thank you Jeena for being a great momma and a wonderful family to work with!!

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